A Compassionate Relocation Service for Seniors

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I think my mum needs to move out of her house. Can you help us convince her?

A: What Ready Steady Relax can do, is take away some of the worry and concern by letting her know that once the decision is made we can make the process much easier for her and the family

Q: I have people in my family and friends who can help me but we can’t do it all. Can you do just some of the work?

A: Ready Steady Relax can certainly do what YOU need. We will work with you to ensure all the aspects of your relocation runs smoothly

Q: I live overseas and can only help a little with my parents move. I would like to be informed each step of the way. How will you let me know what is happening?

A: Once the family agree on a communication process, Ready Steady Relax will communicate with each person to ensure that the process is agreed and transparent.

Q: I’m worried about people I don’t know coming into my home. How can I be reassured?

A: Ready Steady Relax will take time to establish a trusting association with you. We can arrange to be with you while tradespeople do their jobs or we can help to arrange your friends or family to be with you.

Q: How do I pay Ready Steady Relax

A: Once we have agreed on the services required, you will pay Ready Steady Relax a management fee and you can pay the contractors we engage, directly.